Past work

This page is of other work I've done, which I couldn't really list as a "Project", but that I still played an important part in.


the home of alternative rankings, in-depth profile info, medal solutions, hundreds of versions, and more!

I first saw Osekai in March 2020, with my first thought being "wow, this site looks horrible".

After I messaged the creator, Mulraf, I was quickly added as the third team member, and became the website's primary designer and frontend developer.

Three years on, and Mulraf has since relinquished most management over the project, leaving me leading the entire team. We're currently working on a rewrite of the entire website from the ground up in Javascript.

The website is currently written in PHP and has heavy usage of SQL and much CSS and JavaScript.


Send customized cards using our presets to far away family, online friends, and more!

Virtucard is an online service to send customized cards to friends and family all around the globe! This project is still highly WIP, but I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the year!

Project Loved

Working on designs for osu!’s “Project Loved”, such as vote banners, news banners, and more.

I designed the news banners, voting banners, Discord banners, and more for osu!'s Project Loved! You can find them in usage on this news post!

Reddark Website

I made the first version of the reddark website. The current live version is a third rust rewrite, by someone else. Still very happy i had the chance to do the first one!


A group of developers, artists, and more working to create beautiful games and helpful apps.

Reddark 247

24/7 Realtime stream of Reddark


Creating the designs for GTS’s new website

The GLOBAL TAIKO SHOWDOWN team brought me on to redesign their entire website! The designs are still ongoing, and are not yet implemented.

Cubey's Adventures Rewritten

Cubey's Adventures Rewritten, (CAR), is the second entry in the line of Cubey's Adventures games!

Cubey's Adventures Classic

Cubey's Adventures Classic is the original Cubey's Adventures written in 2019. With over 20 levels, and many difficutlt enemies, you're sure to have fun!

Protogen Crowd Ssytem

Neat little project to quickly generate crowds of Protogens in Blender, free to download and use!

TV Viewer

A simple multi-stream iptv viewer for personal usage.

I was always interested in how TV channels such as the BBC operated, so I decided to build this so I can see how things go, like regional news and such. I'm slowly adding features as I need them!